The Demon Collector

Being Hell’s bounty hunter was never a job Christopher wanted.  Guess it does beat slinging burgers.

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Silas Robb: Hell Hath No Fury

When you’re as old as Silas, sometimes your past comes back to haunt you. Sometimes in more ways than one. When an old friend arrives in town, a night of drinking and debauchery turns into a desperate race to save humanity from an ancient enemy.

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Eater of Souls

It was all a big mistake. Christopher Sawyer never wanted to be Hell’s bounty hunter, and he was pretty sure Hell didn’t want him for the job either…

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Hand of Perdition Audiobook is out

Hello all, sorry for the long silence.  Just an update post for now… The first book of the Hand of Perdition series is now in audiobook format.  You can find it here: and and soon on iTunes. In other news… the second book in the...

The Hand of Perdition

The second book in the Hand a Perdition series, Eater of Souls, is now out and should be available at most retailers(both online and brick and mortar). OK, it’s been out for a while now, but it takes time to filter through all the various distribution systems...